Everyone is welcome to be a member. You must be a member to enjoy the benefits of the DIVERT Mental Health Research Training Platform. Our members are at the core of the platform’s educational, training, and mentorship activities. DIVERT has two categories of members: Fellows and Associate Fellows. Membership for both categories is free and it’s easy to apply!


Associate Fellows

Everyone and anyone is invited to join the DIVERT Mental Health community. Associate Fellows are interested in learning more about inclusive ways to understand mental health and wellness in children, youth, and families. Associate Fellows are also interested in learning about or building innovative digital and virtual mental health strategies that increase the accessibility to mental health care. You must be registered as a Fellow or an Associate Fellow to benefit from DIVERT Mental Health. Registration to be an Associate Fellow takes about five minutes and you are immediately approved.

Benefits of Being an Associate Fellow

  • Access to exciting monthly virtual education activities.
  • Invite to annual in-person regional meetings.
  • Limited access to mentorship affinity groups with leaders in the field.


DIVERT Mental Health Fellows are Master’s & Doctoral Students, Postdoctoral Trainees, and Early Career Researchers at a Canadian University or Hostpital Research Institute who are leading a research project in inclusive and accessible mental health for traditionally marginalized children, youth, and their families. We invite students from diverse disicplines (e.g., nursing, medicine, rehabilitation sciences, computer science, clinical psychology, social work) to apply to be a DIVERT Mental Health Fellow! Applications for 2024 are now open. The deadline to apply is December 21st, 2023.

Fellow Eligibility Criteria

  • The trainee or ECR (within the first 5 years of independent appointment) is currently residing in Canada.
  • The trainee or ECR is training/working at a University or Hospital Research Institute in Canada and will continue for at least 18 months from their application date at that same University or Hospital Research Institute. This fellowship is not for people who are in the last year of their degree program or their early career eligibility period.
  • The trainee or ECR is leading a research project focused on digital, virtual and/or technological innovation in mental health care for children, youth, and families on or relevant to traditionally marginalized populations. (e.g. women; persons with lived experiences with disability, racialization, poverty, immigration; people who identify as Indigenous, 2S/LGBTQIA+, refugees, etc).

Benefits of Being a Fellow

  • Access to exciting monthly virtual education activities.
  • Travel support to annual in-person regional meetings.
  • Prioritized access to mentorship affinity groups with leaders in the field.
  • A $5,000 stipend to support your training and professional development activities.
  • Access to industry/NGO practicum grants.