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In honour of International Women’s Day, Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell (CPsych, FCAHS), NPI for DIVERT Mental Health, and Ms. Iris Yusupov (MBA), Predoctoral resident in clinical neuropsychology, Baycrest Health Sciences, will launch one of DIVERT’s professional development mentorship groups by broaching the topic of becoming a parent through graduate school. This session will focus on talking about the challenges of family planning, pregnancy, and parenthood while also discussing expectations for productivity in the supervisor-trainee relationship. Ms. Yusupov will centre her discussion on the challenges she faced as a trainee and how she is overcoming them. Dr. Pillai Riddell will focus on the supervisor’s perspective by discussing tips for fostering the success of birthing people who are in intensive clinical and research training programs. Interested trainees who are also parents will be invited to join Dr. Pillai Riddell and Ms. Yusupov’s online mentorship group that will meet regularly throughout the year for informal guidance and support.

A survey will be circulated after this to gather information of students or supervisors interested in joining Dr. Pillai Riddell and Ms. Yusupov’s mentorship group. Reigster as an Associate Fellow to ensure you receive this opportunity.

  • Rebecca Pillai Riddell.
    Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell is the Nominated Principal Investigator for DIVERT Mental Health, a Full Professor of Psychology at York University, Tier 1 York Research Chair in Pain and Mental Health, and Honorary Professor at University College London (UK). Her innovative program of research has provided foundational norms for the development of infant pain responses within the context of the caregiver. Her newest program of research takes an innovative step forward in the exploration of using artificial intelligence to move the practice of infant pain assessment forward in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. She is an award-winning mentor passionate about nurturing the next generation of pain researchers and mental health professionals. She is a member of the Royal Society of Canada's College and a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.
  • Iris Yusupov is completing her residency at Baycrest Hospital as the final stage of her PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology from York University. She obtained her MBA and a graduate diploma in Health Industry Management from the Schulich School of Business. As a first-generation immigrant and woman who became a mother during graduate training, Iris understands first-hand the obstacles faced by diverse students pursuing higher education. She has dedicated her graduate career to mentorship and mental health advocacy, with an emphasis on social outreach for students on the autism spectrum and those transitioning to parenthood. In parallel, she works as a psychotherapist specializing in the mental health of autistic adults while planning to open her own practice dedicated to this underserved population. Her research and clinical training have centered on neurological conditions, cognitive rehabilitation, and the quality of life of older adults. She has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Tony Stacey Centre for Veteran’s Care and serves as an executive member of the Canadian Psychological Association’s Clinical Neuropsychology Section.

Event Details

  • Date March 8, 2023
  • Start Time 12:00
  • End Time 13:00
  • Location Online Event
All times are EST/EDT (Toronto).